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Brings the natural daylight inside

No heat loss, easy to install.

Profiled Window is a unique precast daylight solution for roof panels.
Easy to mount on an existing or new roof panel.
Profiled Window ensures optimum light, while maintaining the ISO value.
Ideal for new construction or renovation of commercial and retail properties.

Daylight in your office or shop provides a natural and peaceful feel and a pleasant living and working environment. It is also sustainable: this does save energy and lightbulbs. At least ... if the ISO value of the property remains the same. In practice, many architects, entrepreneurs and individuals encounter problems when they want to make a window in roof panels: Because these panels form one unit, it is technically difficult to place in a well-insulated daylighting here. Often they then choose for little or no insulated solutions. But it does reduce the insulating value of the entire roof dramatically. With Profiled Window you have the daylight solution for roof panels!